The Illustrated Bestiary with Oracle Cards by Maia Toll

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The Illustrated Bestiary with Oracle Cards by Maia Toll

We Say: One of a series of books each coming with a set of 36 fabulous Oracle cards included in the back giving you all the tools you need to explore each of the three subjects: Herbs, Crystals, Birds and Animals. A feast for the eyes, heart and mind… As one of our customers said “Some of the most beautiful books I have ever bought”.

The Illustrated Bestiary is an absorbing and delightfully, exquisitely, illustrated compendium of knowledge and rituals from the Animal Kingdom, connecting the you with the wisdom and magic that animals hold for us. Messages of healing, self-knowledge, acceptance and reflection, are woven skilfully unto the 36 mesmerising oracle cards included inside. From the Monarch Butterfly and Honey Bee, from the Otter to the Wolf, this book can be your guide and constant daily inspiration.

The Publisher Says: Across cultures and through the centuries, people have felt a spiritual and symbolic connection to animals. In this follow-up to The Illustrated Herbiary, spiritual wellness guide Maia Toll explores the power of animal energy to help illuminate personal habits, clarify intentions, and inform actions. Following profiles that highlight each animal's most meaningful trait, Toll provides rituals and reflections that guide readers in cultivating that animal's energy in their own lives. 36 oracle cards featuring art from the book by illustrator Kate O'Hara help shape readers' meditations.

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