The Witch-Crafting Handbook by Helena Garcia

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The Witch-Crafting Handbook by Helena Garcia

We Say: This handbook is crafting ideas galore! Inclusive of all skill levels from expert spell weaver to apprentice ‘witchling’ with a sprinkling of vintage style on top ... Includes ideas for your witches wardrobe (we love the socks), a witchy Baker's hat, elderflower beauty water, natural hair tonic, bath, and beauty, a fabulous room spray, candles, and fun themed foods (Mandrake cake, bone breadsticks). Not to mention homemade gifts just waiting to be created ..... One of the things we like best about the unique ideas woven throughout is that you are encouraged to reuse and recycle and create your own take on the projects adapting them to your own special style..

The Publisher Says: Inspired by ancient folklore and all things mystical, this book offers remedies fit for an apothecary using foraged ingredients and age-old formulae; fashion accessories for your witch's wardrobe; enchanting homewares and decorations; devilishly delicious recipes both sweet and savoury; and tipsy tonics. With Helena's creepy ideas, you'll learn how to make playful projects like an evil eye choker, peppermint foot spray, a Christmas spider wreath, and piranha fish pie, among many others. All you need are simple materials and ingredients, a little imagination, and a sprinkling of sorcery.

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