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The Magical Qualities of Fragrance

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The Traditional Magical Qualities of Fragrances

The traditional magical qualities of the fragrances in our incenses are:

Almond – Wisdom, Prosperity, Healing

Aloe Vera – Luck, Protection, Peace

Amber - Healing, Protection, Love, Happiness

Apple – Wisdom, Home Blessing, Prosperity,

Cedarwood - Cleansing, Protection, Space Clearing

Chamomile – Abundance, Happiness, Banishing, Positivity

Cinnamon- Happiness, Prosperity

Clove - Healing, Communication Prosperity

Copal – Purification, Healing, Protection

Dragons Blood – Banishing, Energising, Potency, Protection

Frangipani - House Blessing, Calming, Happiness

Frankincense - Courage, Joy, Strength, Health

Honeysuckle – Healing, Prosperity, Harmony

Hyacinth – Peace, Recovery, Love, Protection

Jasmine – Harmony, Love, Tranquillity

Lavender – Love, Peace, Healing, Tranquillity

Lemon - Cleansing, Rejuvenation, Potential

Lilac - Protection, Love, Harmony, Wellbeing

Lilly of the Valley – Tranquillity, Peace, Purification,

Magnolia - Love, Loyalty, Strength, Spiritual Connections

Myrrh – Healing, Blessing, Spirituality

Orange - Creativity, Communication, Joy

Patchouli – Prosperity, Fertility, Love, Protection

Peppermint – Abundance, Cleansing, Protection, Energy Cleansing

Pinon/Pine – Banishing, Protection, Healing, Abundance

Rose – Love, Peace, Good Fortune

Rosemary- Remembrance, Balance, Calming

Sandalwood- Spirituality, Healing, Cleansing, Wellbeing

Sage – Clearing Space, Banishing

Strawberry - Love, Luck, Friendship

Turmeric - Protection, Abundance, Repels Negative Energies

Vanilla – Calming, Happiness, Good Fortune

Violet – Protection, Peace, Healing, Tranquillity, Love