Window Sticker - Ogham Tree Wheel

Window Sticker - Ogham Tree Wheel

Text on back:

In ancient times, our Celtic Druid ancestors devised a system, part alphabet, part calendar/zodiac, able to be carved using simple notches onto wood or stone. Each character has a number and a letter. The consonants were time periods – mostly lunar months, and the vowels were the solstices or equinoxes.

Each symbol represents a tree or shrub, around which grew an extensive mythology, the uses of each tree both for craftwork and medicinally, and a divination system similar to the Tarot.

The outer ring of the Tree Wheel shows the leaves from the trees with their dates. Apple and Blackthorn form the inner ring ruling the light and dark halves of the year respectively. The Celtic lunar calendar reckoned the year as 13 months of 28 days = 364, so to complete the year an extra day was added – the ‘year and a day’ ruled by Mistletoe, in the centre, most magical of all.

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