Window Sticker - Tree Of Life

Window Sticker - Tree Of Life

Text on back:

The tree is one of the most fundamental of all traditional symbols. Its form reflects the threefold mystery of life, with roots that originate in the underworld, the trunk standing in the middle-earth of our physical existence, and the branches reaching up to the world beyond. The central image of the Oak tree shows the effect of the seasons upon the cycles of life, starting with nesting birds in spring, the full foliage of summer, acorns and falling leaves in autumn, and winter hiding the sleeping fox among the roots.

Around the tree are rings showing the seasonal festivals of the Celtic peoples, the phases of the moon and the Ogham zodiac, all surrounded by a design known as the ‘Tree Of Life’ from the Book of Kells, sprouting from a pot decorated with the ‘triskel’, sign of the sun, the source of all life. The Celtic strapwork below represents the rays of the sun.

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