Window Sticker - Triple Moon Hares

Window Sticker - Triple Moon Hares

Text on back of packaging:

The Triple Hare design depicts three Hares, eternally running in a circle. Though each Hare appears to have two ears, there are only three ears in total.
The original meaning is obscure, but it is thought that as the Hare is ruled by the moon, itself a feminine water symbol, the Three Hares may be considered as a symbol of the Triple Goddess, an Archetype of the feminine principle.
In this design the three colours of the Hare; the Brown Hare and both the white and blue phases of the Mountain Hare, are linked with the Hare’s association with Harvest, the Moon and with Dawn, which in turn represent the Physical, Mythological and Spiritual aspects of the Hare.
Three threes – a magical image!

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