We live in uncertain times. As we approach the Winter Solstice, a beautiful moment of re-birth and new beginnings, we send you love and the very warmest of Solstice greetings. xxx

Witchs Cookbook by Fortuna Noir

Witchs Cookbook by Fortuna Noir

We Say: As we all know, cooking every day and creating something special requires a pinch of enchantment to be a success. Finding something new is always a challenge so with that in mind we offer you the Witch's Cookbook. Fancy trying your hand at Magic Hour Milk or Cheesecake Spell Jars? We did. And they were simply delicious. The recipes leave plenty of scope for you to sprinkle your own magic into them - we added crushed ginger biscuits to the base mix of the spell jars and it worked like a charm. Your kitchen is one of you most magical spaces, and whether you are making food on the go or preparing a meal to share, the 50 recipe ideas with easy instructions and colour pictures are ready to inspire.

The Publisher Says: Featuring over 50 wickedly delicious recipes, The Witch's Cookbook is your short-and-sweet go-to for quick-and-easy meals with a mystical flair. Each recipe is witchcraft themed and can be made with traditional ingredients, plus a little bit of spellwork and magic, of course. Along with amazing meals to make any time of the year, The Witch's Cookbook features "Witch Tips" that offer additional spells and blessings for your home and hearth. From breakfast to dessert and everything in between, The Witch's Cookbook is sure to be your cooking companion for every solstice, full moon, and magical day of the year! 

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